I am Andrea, married to Pete and living in Patchway, Bristol

I home educate my four children - Sam (9), Keziah (7), Zoe (5) & George (2)

I home educate because I want to keep hold of the God given responsibility for bringing up my children.  I also want to fully enjoy their childhood with them not just the little bits left round the edges after the school day!

The best thing about home education is knowing I've done my best to create a healthy, godly atmosphere for them to grow up in and bringing them up with the Christian world view as central to their lives, rather than as an add-on.

My biggest challenge is trying to maintain balance in our lives - managing a household and being a home-educating mum.

My home education style is christian unschooling.  There are boundaries within which I bring up the children, for example in the Christian faith and with certain expectations of behaviour.  Within that, there's freedom for the children to follow their interests and learn and grow at their own pace. I believe that God has plans for my children and I can trust Him to direct our paths and guide us in the way we should go (even down to the detail of learning the 3 Rís!)

My family are respectful about our lifestyle and generally supportive but probably the bottom line is they think regular school is where our children should be. 

My friends mostly come from our local home education community and are fantastic!

I am prepared to home educate until college, so Iím open-minded about the duration.

My advice to a new home educator is to ease yourself in.  Don't feel you have to hit the ground running with structured programmes as soon as your children are five.  Enjoy the freedom you have to learn in a more relaxed, natural way and enjoy your children.

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