Mrs U - Mum of 3

I usually seem to be asking same questions! My husband is long-term sick and we have no family near-by so housework, childcare, DIY and gardening are all down to me.

I read a great book called, `Shopping for Time- How to do it all and not be overwhelmed', by Carolyn Mahaney which encouraged me. Quote: `We can accomplish
everything God has ordained for us to do in this life. (Hint: It's probably not half of what's on your to-do list.) And we can do it in a peaceful, joyful manner and get sufficient rest besides.' It's basically about prioritising but I found it amazingly helpful.

In the past couple of years I've realised that I really benefit from routine.  If I know what a week's probably going to look like I find it easier to be flexible and peaceful.

I set aside Monday afternoons to get as much cleaning done as possible. I hoover, aim to wash floors every 2-3 weeks (put DVD on for girls for this job) and do whatever needs doing most in this slot. I try and do the bathroom one afternoon later in the week. I love those antibacterial wipes for giving the loo a quick once over between proper cleans! I try to put the washing machine on every evening (one in washable nappies and two still-accident-prone little girls). I am getting my money's worth out of said machine!

I also have recently started making a real effort to rest on Sundays. I have a tendency to keep going and keep going until making myself ill and I'm trying to avoid that! Getting through church on my own with the kids is usually enough for one day so I cook something easy for tea, and don't do any washing or housework that day.

I'm also trying to get them helping out. It's quicker to do it myself as they're small but I'm viewing it as part of their education. When I got married I'd barely cooked, cleaned, never used a washing machine or lawn mower and it all came as a bit of a shock! I want them to be better prepared.

If I had lots of spare cash I'd definitely consider getting a gardener and a cleaner. It would be awesome to come home from an afternoon out to freshly cleaned floors and bathroom!

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