Mrs V - Mum of 2

I have fantastic parents that come up most weeks to help. My dad vacuums the whole house and my mum cleans my kitchen and bathroom. Then they look after M and C whilst I clear away the mess that has built up over the week. My mum also brings us up a cooked lunch.

I try to get the washing up done during the day but if I don't manage to, then I do it in the very early hours of the next morning when C is awake but the rest of the family asleep.

I iron as little as possible, just D's work shirts and trousers.

Dusting is done whenever I notice the dust looking really bad, M helps with this.

Washing is done whenever the laundry basket gets full - usually twice a week.

D works long hours so doesn't help with the housework except cooking. At the weekend he tries to make a big batch of food like chilli or cottage pie so we can freeze it and eat it on days when I haven't got time to cook.

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