Mrs X - Mum of 3 (and a cat)

I am married to a man who is a self confessed OCD person. I have realised if I leave the kitchen a bit messy for a day (eg plates left at the sink), by the evening I will find him scrubbing the walls, surfaces etc. The downside to it is if I had already cleaned the kitchen and finding him doing the same thing.

I try and tidy up on a daily basis. With bathrooms and kitchen and floors vacuumed and cleaned once a week.

I am trying to get the children more involved in cleaning. But that is not turning out too well as I have a penchant to just do it myself because it is easier.

If the mother-in-law or mother comes to visit, everyone gets chucked out the house while I do a "professional" clean. After all first impressions are what counts.

Now if I was homeschooling in South Africa, I would probably have hired a lady who would come in, clean, cook, do the laundry and ironing for me. Mmmmmmm?!

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