Mrs Y - mum of 3

On the whole I clean/laundry as I go. The kids chip in every day with a variety of stuff. The older 2 can do everything except cutting grass obviously and there are days when I wish they could drive!

I also wish I could do that "Monday is whites" thing but perhaps that will happen when I grow up...

Hubby surprised me with a cleaner this week which frees me up to do other things and his view is that it would be nice to hire someone to help out every week.  My view is that I would rather spend the money on books !!

So I guess we just keep on top of it as and when it needs doing. I rarely iron and pass things on when we are done with them so as not to clutter.

If I only did one extra chore a day it would be the floors, but the garden is much more fun!!

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