Mrs Z - mum of 5

My very amazing husband (probably slightly frustrated at the lack of cleaning that I manage to get done on an average day!) has instigated a "Tuesday is cleaning night" in our house! We try to eat tea around 5pm ish on a Tuesday and then he and the kids clean the bathrooms and do all the hoovering whilst I do the kitchen. 

Dusting is a very rare event (although it's something I'd like to get the kids doing regularly), the kitchen floor gets hoovered fairly regularly but washed only about once a month.  I load the dishwasher during the day and it runs in the evening and the kids unload it in the morning.  Other bits of washing up get done as and when. 

Washing gets done every few days and I try to put it on timer so it's finished first thing in the morning for me to hang out.  

I'm not worried about everything being mega clean although I do like to try and keep things tidy (the kids' rooms drive me a bit spare!) and at least to know where things are when I need them!!  I can't relax in the evening until the lounge at least is tidy!!

I never iron....

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