I home educate my four sons and two daughters ages 12 to 2.

I home educate because we disagree with the philosophy within schools and we believe children should be trained within the family environment.

The best thing about home education is being there as the children learn and being able to deal with issues immediately - not when they get home.

My biggest challenge is trusting God in it.

My home education style is classical with some autonomous aspects!

The Christians in my family are supportive as they see the benefits, but the others don't talk about it!

Some of my friends think it's great. Others think we must want our children to grow up as social misfits - why can't we just do what everyone else does?

I am prepared to home educate forever

My advice to a new home educator is to try it first as you can send your children to school later; it's harder the other way round.  It's always easy to come up with excuses as to why you shouldn't do it - just get on with it.  Think of the benefits of character training for your children (and you). You do get used to people thinking you're a bit strange.

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