Mrs B - 1 child age 5, using Sonlight

This has been our first year of home schooling, so still finding our feet as to how best to structure the day.

Currently, we aim to start around 09:00 with our "learning" (we use Sonlight curriculum and their daily schedule). Since we recognise that learning is not limited to a curriculum/what has been prepared or planned/etc, I aim to follow KJ when she initiates an activity/game/craft/question/etc between choosing Sonlight bits such as stories/rhymes/songs/etc, and work hard at relaxing and allowing her own flow to set the pace for the morning.

On a typical day this means that we finish around 12:00/12:30, having had a break for snack at some point in the morning (at which point I often start lunch off). KJ then plays while I make lunch (main meal) - we eat as a family around 13:00.

Weekday afternoons we spend with others - at Westonbirt, BCHEdders, swimming, church, friends. Sometimes we return home for dinner, sometimes we do a picnic style dinner if we're 'out and about' with others. KJ goes to bed around 19:30/20:00 and then I study in the evenings, check e-mails and respond, prepare for the next day (with Sonlight's schedule and also in response to things that came upthat day).

Hope that is helpful to someone, but I'm sure we'll change and adapt over the next few years.

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