Mrs C - 5 children aged 11 years down to 18 months - structured approach

Well, here is an overview of what we do at present but I think we are probably quite atypical. It works for us, which is the main thing. We follow a fairly intense, structured method because it suits our kids best.

We have 5 children, aged 18 months - 11 years.

I get up at 5.30am + make breakfast (beautiful 5th born is a VERY early riser!) Other kids wake at 6.00am. Older kids unpack dishwasher, eat breakfast + pack dishwasher while I get younger ones dressed, fed, clean their teeth etc.

Daddy leaves for work early.

6.30-7.15am All kids and I have Bible reading and prayer downstairs in front room followed by poetry recitation and vocab flashcards for older kids.

7.15am(ish) All older kids go to their desks in their rooms to start their lessons. They choose the order but each morning must complete:

Singapore Maths/NEM lesson
1x spelling lesson
1x grammar lesson
1x science lesson
45 mins piano practise
1x English lesson
1x Japanese (together)
11 year old- Latin

It typically takes them about 5 hours, but this can vary greatly.
Afternoons: (each done once a week)
*geography + writer's workshop
*pottery followed by trip to Central library
*Shakespeare study group (Henry V) for an afternoon
*multisports + swimming

Also, I choose a book for each child which they are to read during the week and write up a book report to submit by 6.00pm Friday and we do a general knowledge essay topic each week which they are also to hand in by 6.00pm Friday. It is up to them when they do these two projects during the week.

What do we read? We go through a lot of books! We are currently spilling out of six bookcases and books are our biggest expense in homeschooling. Historical fiction is popular as are the classics but equally many series books are enjoyed.

All older children attend brownies/cubs/scouts and go on camps with their group and one child is now old enough to also attend our church's youth group Friday evenings.

All older three have a piano lesson once a week.

Younger children go to zoo once a week, library and usually park if weather permits. We try to get out to Noah's Ark Zoo Farm every now and then, usually after getting a text from someone else going that day. Younger ones follow Before Five in A Row, do some beginning maths, craft/painting/scooping etc, music + movement and baking in the mornings (and lots of books and chatting!).

I like to have finished school by 5.00pm most days.

I do marking and planning/preparation for the next day after all children have gone to bed.

We all go to church on Sunday where we are blessed by fabulous preaching!!!

This is just a basic skeletal overview of our week. Outside of this framework there are lots of extra books read for fun, many boardgames played, debates, stories written, (currently writing a 'History of Britain' together), amateur plays performed, sewing, baking, playing in the garden, songs around the piano, friends over for meals, and we have fairly regular trips into London and other field trips.

As a family we are avid theatre and musical recital attendees and will typically see something once a month. (We especially enjoy the Tobacco Factory, Bath Theatre Royal and St George's.)

Kids have chores: feed guinea pigs + frogs everyday, clean out hutch once a week, clean their bathroom once a week, strip their beds once a week on linen day and then re-make them, tidy bedrooms once a week, put own dry clothes away everyday. All packing + unpacking of dishwasher, clearing and wiping for meals. Usually one child helps me prepare evening meal each night.

Very busy, lots of hard work but we love it and feel very blessed that we are able to homeschool.

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