Mrs D - 3 children 11 down to 3, Using Sonlight

First, a disclaimer. This is how I hope our days will look. About half our days look roughly like this. Some of the rest look a bit like this when things are on track.

7:30 Breakfast and bible study with Daddy. It has to be at 7:30 or Daddy's late for work. Many days he's late for work...!

Put the guinea pigs in their garden run. (This takes longer than you might think as the guineas simply have to be cuddled and adored for an appropriate amount of time)

"Run" round the park. This is my only point of exercise so I try to power walk while the children are busy on the equipment. Our park now has outdoor gym equipment too so I use that now for a few minutes.

Music practice. I either practice too or I iron while teaching H. S sometimes uses this time to do exercises with K. Or they float around getting into mischief.

Table time maths, spelling, writing
Singing time we have Bible memory verses set to music and a CD of songs to learn related to our year's study. This year we are studying American History and have a fabulous CD of American folk songs. This is also a time to bounce around and have our elevenses.
Sofa time history, geography, read-alouds


Play time/ BCHEdders / science (on Monday) / craft / cooking

Evening routine: When H was young, I was really stressed about how to fit in the evening routine until I came up with the mantra "tea at 5, bath at 6, bed at 7". We don't always in fact almost never! - keep to that but it really helped me to get my head round how it might work and what I was kind of aiming for.

I found I needed a pattern to my day although I wouldn't claim to be on a schedule. It helped me work out whether I could get done what I wanted to get done. Then I can choose what to sacrifice for good or for a particular time to fit into the time available.

I school like this 4 days a week. Wednesdays are our gym/multisports/swim days.

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