Mrs E - home educating 2 aged 3 and 9.  Middle child at school.  Unstructured approach.

We don't have "typical days" really, as we are more unschooling than home educating, however, roughly it can look like this :

7 - 8: breakfast
8.30: getting ready to go to school (P, A and me), C is usually staying home and reading a book
9: we're back from school. Play (board games, lego, puzzles...), or reading, cooking, or writing to family... or going on with any project we have
11.30: lunch
Afternoon : more play. Outside if it's a nice day (garden or park), BCHEdders, friends, library... we love to go for a ride with our bikes too ! DVD time too - documentaries mostly - and games on the computer (maths games... or lego ones !)
3pm : to school and back home
The evening routine : dinner at 6, bath at 7 and bedtime at 7.30
(ideally !!)

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