Mrs F - educating 3 aged 9 to 3 - (no longer in UK)

For some reason we have a hard time getting started with breakfast in the mornings and the kids really don't think school work begins before breakfast!  That said, by the end of this school year I had L convinced that if she would do her "bunny chores" and get dressed before breakfast, then our morning would be that much smoother and her work would get done that much faster.  So, here it is:

7:30 - 8ish - L does her bunny chores, gets dressed.  I have a shower and try to get presentable.

8 (or sometimes closer to 8:30) - 8:30 0r 8:45 - breakfast - we eat as a family since Dad doesn't really "go out" to work

8:45 - L typically starts with a 5 minute math drill on the computer and then starts on her math work for the day.  We use Math U See, so if it's a new lesson, she pops in the DVD when the drill is over and starts on it.  If it's a continuing lesson she goes ahead and does it.  I usually am emptying the dishwasher, sweeping, loading the dishwasher, maybe getting L and J dressed

Once the kitchen is half decent L and J sit at the table with me and we work on Phonics, Reading and Math together.  L will come to me with her work if she has any questions during this time, otherwise I expect her to just carry on with what I have written down for her for the day - Grammar and violin practise (and maybe Spelling and Handwriting). 

When that's done it's usually after 10 already and snack time.  The kids will typically play for a few minutes after snack time.

10:45 ish - Science, Reading, History, Reading Comprehension and that sort of thing happens after snack time.  L and J are done for the day, so after snack I can sit down with L and read and discuss with her for these subjects a bit easier ( we do not do all these on a given day). 

12ish - usually school is done for the day unless we are going to do art or music together in the afternoon (all 3 do the same for these subjects)

Afternoon - usually play or do some sort of activity (home ed. group, errands etc) or if it's a day when I feel like doing art or music that might happen.

I should add that after breakfast we do "Bible" together with Dad - read the children's story Bible, talk about it etc., but not really a formal Bible curriculum per se.  After lunch Dad is usually out and I do a devotion from a book with the kids.  After supper we read the real Bible (currently working our way through 2 Kings) together - Dad is home for that and I think that is probably a really fruitful time. 

The pattern in all families like ours (what I mean by that is "Reformed Dutch Christians who emigrated to Canada at some point in the past 100 years") is to pray before a meal and read the Bible and pray after a meal.  It is how both Dad and I were raised as well.  For us, after supper we typically sing with the kids - usually they each pick a song from a song book, or maybe one that we are working on memorizing etc. so it's usually 3 or 4 songs that we sing after supper.  I think (hope?) our kids are getting more out of this time together than Dad and I did as kids - we try to discuss things with the kids and talk about things learned more whereas when we were kids it was more like you read the Bible, prayed and that was it. 

Usually the little ones are in bed by about 7:30 and then L can stay up to read till about 7:45 or 8.

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